Local handy man for Little Lever, Radcliffe, Bury, Farnworth and Bolton.
Tel: 07901 790204
  • Gates built and fitted to order...

    • Quick and efficient installation of new or replacement garden gates, garage doors, etc.

    • Wooden gates made to measure.

    • Original designs restored or reproduced.

    Improve the look of your property!

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  • Cupboards and shelves fitted...

    • Quick and efficient construction of cupboards, shelving, beds, etc.

    • Worktops cut to size and fitted.

    • Flat packs assembled, packaging recycled.

    Stop struggling with those instructions!

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  • Lofts converted...

    • Floor joists reinforced, flooring laid.

    • Walls battened, wooden or uPVC wall panelling cut to size and fitted.

    • Door frames fitted, doors hung.

    Don’t waste that extra space!

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  • Replacement windows and doors fitted...

    • uPVC, hardwood, and softwood windows and doors replaced.

    • You buy the windows and doors direct, and only pay me for the fitting.

    A fast, clean job done by an experienced fitter!

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  • Security improved...

    • Replace broken and unsecure gates.

    • Locks, bolts, latches and safety chains fitted.

    • Fence panels replaced or repaired.

    Make your property more secure!

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  • Original details restored...

    • Doors, gates and fence posts built to original designs in hardwoods or softwoods.

    • Windows replaced or repaired.

    • Lead roof flashing replaced and made watertight.

    Restore your property to its original beauty!

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  • Ceilings panelled...

    • Ceilings repaired and painted.

    • Tongue and groove panelling fitted.

    Give your ceilings a new lease of life!

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Local handy man for Little Lever, Farnworth, Radcliffe, Bury and Bolton. Qualified workman with more than 30 years experience – no job is too small.

Household maintenance

Local plumbing handyman

I’ll do all that fiddly maintenance for you, including: easing sticking doors and making stubborn doors shut; replacing door handles and locks; replacing hinges; re-glazing windows and fitting window locks; fitting shelves and cupboards (made-to-measure or flat pack); tiling and wood panelling walls and worktops; assembling furniture; fitting curtain rails.

Urgent repairs

Local plumbing handyman

I’ll do those urgent repairs for you, including: replacing taps and tap washers; unblocking sinks; getting you back into your house with the minimum of fuss when you’re locked out; securing your home when doors or windows are broken; fitting new locks and changing lock barrels.

Outbuildings repaired

Local handyman

I’ll work on your garages and outbuildings for you, including: repairing doors and roofs; replacing rotten wood and broken windows; replacing locks and handles; painting and applying timbercare treatments; tidying and clearing areas; filling skips.